Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1974 to 2006

From 1974 to October of 1992, the Auxiliary was reported to have donated $179,321.69 for equipment, various improvements and enhancements for the hospital.

1991 was a busy year for the Auxiliary.  We helped fund the expansion of the snack bar area located in the main lobby at the front entrance of the Seymour Hospital.  We also purchased and donated a Hi-flow insufflator for the operating room as well as a satellite receiving system for educational purposes at the hospital.

During 1992 we donated $8,000.00 toward the purchase of  voice transcription units and a scope for the examination of throats along with shirts for the new babies.

In January, 1993, the Auxiliary established a scholarship fund for High School Graduates at Seymour High School who  plan to enter a health professional education program.  In May the Auxiliary purchased a mobile medical system monitor for the hospital.  In September we bought Christmas lights for the front of the hospital. and then in November we purchased Nintendo games to entertain young patients.

During the month of March in 1994, the Auxiliary purchased a pulse oximeter for the E.R., a freezer for the kitchen and a telephone system for Home Health.  In December we helped with the Annual Health Fair.

1995 was also a very productive year for the Auxiliary.  In April we purchased stools for the snack bar.  During September we purchased a rocking chair for the nursery and 2 recliners along with a new microwave for the nurse's break room.  October brought purchases of Christmas wreaths for the hospital halls and then in December we finished the year by purchasing a hydraulic lift chair.

In 1996 we voted to begin redoing the hospital rooms complete with new beds one at a time.

The Auxiliary donated $15,0000.00 toward the ambulance fund in February 2000.  In September of that same year we donated $7,516.00 for floor coverings in the hospital.

During 2003 we purchased a wheel chair scale in February, benches and tables along with other miscellaneous items for outdoor smoking areas.

In March of 2005 we contributed $400.00 to the flower bed projects and bought bird feeders for the hospital grounds.

2006 brought many donations from the Auxiliary.  We bought a new bed lift in January, new chairs for the hospital lobby and new recliners for the hospital rooms.

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